A company built around giving you the best customer experience.

“I’ve been the customer before and it can be stressful! All kinds of questions run through your mind when you trust someone you don’t know to help you.”

“I’ve also been the expert called in to help. Many times, I would see the uncertainty in a new customer’s eyes from all the disappointing experiences they had in the past. While I was always happy and hopeful to leave customers with a little more trust and confidence in their technology experiences; I always wanted to do more. That’s when, with the help of some amazing partners, we decided to innovate this vision on a grand scale. We decided to put honesty, communication, and empathy at the forefront of our model. At the heart of AskAngelo is our commitment to give each of our customers the unforgettable experience they deserve.

Seriously, I thank you for checking out AskAngelo. I hope you’ll give us a shot to show you what an experience centered around you can be like.”

All the best,
Angelo Agosto
Chief Executive Officer

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Our Mission

The cornerstone of our mission is to provide exceptional customer service, deliver predictable outcomes, implement cost-effective solutions, and empower customers to take proactive measures.

We provide exceptional customer service.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our goal is to always exceed your expectations and give you the time and attention you deserve.

We deliver predictable outcomes.

Predictable Outcomes

If there is something that we cannot do, we will tell you upfront and not waste your time. Everything that we commit to is our responsibility.

We implement cost-effective solutions.

Cost-effective Solutions

We will clearly explain our proposed solutions and make sure they come at a competitive and workable price.

We empower customers to take proactive measures.

Proactive Measures

We help you stay ahead of any foreseeable problems in the future through helpful tips, one-on-one training, and affordable ongoing support.

Our Commitment To You

We will only charge you for the services you were quoted on.

We will only recommend services you actually need.

We will always keep it jargon-free with terms that make sense.

We will always keep you updated on the status of your service.

We will always give you top-of-the-line equipment and repairs.

We will always give you an iron-clad guarantee for all our work.

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