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We won’t just focus on your project. We are here to help YOU and we will happily answer any questions, provide updates, and talk through any concerns you may have every step of the way.

When it comes to anything technology, AskAngelo has you covered. Whether it’s repairing a broken screen, showing you how to get the most out of your new tablet, bringing a laptop with water damage back to life, even setting up your current technology in a more efficient manner, we have the experience you need.

Computer & Mobile Device Repair

Is your computer or mobile device damaged, unresponsive, or just running slow. Bring your machine in for a FREE diagnostic and we’ll help get your machine back on track. You will always get your device back and working in better condition than it was left, our guarantee!

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Services include:

From a faulty power jack or cracked screen to a corrupt hard drive, we can fix any machines running Windows, Mac OS (iMac, Macbook, Mac Mini), Linux, or dual boot installations. We can also get you off to a great start with your machine by handling the initial installation and setup.
From broken screens to sluggish performance, we can fix or replace any iOS (ie. – iPhone 10, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13, as well as pro models & iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro), Android (Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, Samsung Note), or Windows smartphone or tablet (Surface Pro Series).
Have your computer run like new again! We will clean, configure, and speeds up your machine. Are you looking to increase the memory in your machine, upgrade to a bigger hard drive, install a new graphics card, or just want to make sure you have the latest Windows updates properly installed? Book a free diagnostics, we won’t change anything unless you agree to it.

We can do things such as; upgrade RAM (DDR2, DDR3, DDR4), CPU (i7 10700K, i9 11900K, i5 12600K, Ryzen 7 3700X, Ryzen 7 5800X, Ryzen Threadripper), Motherboards (ASUS, MSI, AsRock, Gigabyte), HDD to SSD upgrades (Samsung EVO, Samsung QVO, Western Digital Blue, Western Digital SN750, Western Digital SN850), or Graphics Cards (NVIDIA RTX 3080, NVIDIA RTX 3070, ASUS 5700XT, Gigabyte RTX 3060).

Protect yourself from phishing and identity theft by removing all viruses, malware, adware, and any intrusive spyware that may be lurking on your machine.

Bring in any device you have under warranty for repair. If we can’t repair it, we’ll gladly assist you in replace it.

Running into configuration issues? Want to build your own? Have an existing build and no longer have the space to hold it? We can help. We offer troubleshooting, repair, custom builds, and monthly service hosting for cryptocurrency mining ASIC and graphics card rigs.

  • Ask about our monthly preventative maintenance subscriptions.
  • Consoles (PS4, PS5, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X) Drones, Aquarium Lighting, and Grow Lighting repair.
  • See a service that is not listed? Contact us. We will surely help you out.

Home & Office Network Solutions

We can come to your home or office and properly set up a new computer, secure data storage, or install a network that seamlessly connects all your computers and devices together.

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Services include:

Set up the perfect network with all your computers, printers, and other devices seamlessly connected on the same network. We will happily troubleshoot your existing network installation as well.

We are happy to come to your home or business to setup and install your PC.

We can build a secure storage solution for your documents and media that allows for seamless syncing and access across all your devices.

Custom Builds

Not happy with what’s available on the pre-built market? Let us help you build the computer of your dreams. We’ll work together to craft a custom-built solution that fits your budget and needs. As always, our computers are built with easy cable management and efficient hardware cooling in mind (ask us about water-cooling options like acrylic tubing or PETG).


Services include:

We can build a great custom computer that fits your budget and keeps you connected while at home.

Let’s build a computer that gives you unmatched gaming performance for an unmatched gaming experience.

Let us build you a powerful machine perfect for high-performance 3D animation, modeling, and video editing.

Let us build you the ultimate mining rig that it optimized for energy usage and perfect for mining Bitcoin, Etherium, and other cryptocurrencies.

Smart Home & Security Installation

There is nothing more frustrating than telling Alexa to turn on the lights and having every speaker in the house start blasting Christmas music. If you are looking to integrate smart devices in your home or need help troubleshooting your existing system, we can help.


Services include:

Manage your home or office’s lighting, climate control, and music from any device.

Keep an eye inside and out with HD security cameras, motion sensors (that detect people and ignore everything else), security door bells, smart door knobs, and remote monitoring DVR systems.

Get safety alerts for slow and fast-burning fires and carbon monoxide exposure with smart detector installations.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

We use state-of-the-art software recovery techniques to get your data back after a disaster. We also work hard to give you the tools to prevent data loss and downtime in the future.

Please note: The National Disaster Distress Helpline (1-800-985-5990) is available 24/7 to provide confidential counseling, referrals, and other support. The number again is 1-800-985-5990.


Services include:

Our recovery experts use best-in-class tools and techniques to securely save your lost, corrupted, or damaged data.

Minimize the threat of physical disasters with ongoing backups of your data.  Once we assess your current data profile, we can configure the right cloud storage solution for you on a fully secured remote server.

Our networking experts will work to restore your network and then develop a plan to prevent network failure in the event of a future disaster.

Keep your data secure with our RAID data storage solutions that redundantly store your data across multiple hard drives.

With our preventative maintenance support plan, we keep your data storage solution regularly maintained and updated in order to prevent any costly, unplanned downtown from a disaster.

Our disaster prevention packages include every consideration for your data.  We assess the current state of your data, design and implement the right solution, rigorously test that solution, and finally craft a detailed Disaster Recovery Plan that you can follow step-by-step in the event of a catastrophic data failure.

One-On-One Technology Training

Knowing your equipment is the best way to stay ahead of the curve and future repairs. If you simply just need some help in learning how to function your device the way you need or want to dive deep and learn in-depth features, we are here to help. With one-on-one technology training, we will work with you no matter the device and ensure that all of your questions are answered in a way that is tailored to your learning.


Our technology training includes:

We work with you to create the ideal training plan that fits your goals.

We patiently take you through learning material at a pace that works for you.

You receive a helpful cheat sheet customized to your tasks at the completion of training that is easy to follow.

Training can be done at our office in Albany, NY or in the privacy of your home or office either virtually or in-person.

Convenient On-Site Support

Whether you need repairs completed at your home or office or need your device picked up for service, we strive to make getting repairs as convenient for you as possible. We also offer 24/7 emergency assistance in cases where your current technology disaster cannot wait.


Service highlights:

$2.00 per mile charged only one way after the first 25 miles.

$85 for the first hour. $65 for every additional hour.

Give Ask Angelo a call at 1 (518) 250-9160 to get assistance 24/7 with your issue. Pricing for emergency services is on a per quote basis.

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